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Top 10 drugs for sex!

Hi to all my Fist friends...
First of all, the reason the following text is published
is because I get a lot of questions about the use of drugs in our community.
So I looked around and found some answers on the web, but have to tell you:

I’m strong against the use of or using drugs. 
Still I think it is necessary to tell and write about it in my blog. 
Today even more than before, 
yes it is true, even in the 80’s drugs were comment in the hard scene but not like what I see now a days.
No I’m not a saint I tried also things in the past, 
like my mother said always: 
"do not have an opinion about something if you do not know what it is or does"
Even when she wasn't of course talking about drugs. LOL
But you hang around with friends and you do not want to be left out.
So I did and it didn't have any effect on me, because i am already hyperactif from nature
and you know people still like me and think I’m cool. 

Sometimes the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom ... The most suitable to enter the secret door to the palace ... popular wisdom and cutting-edge chemical substances combine to synthesize the key.

Since time immemorial, man has sought ecstasy as communion with the universe around him. There are basically three ways to reconnect with this oceanic feeling of unity, ascetic practices, sexuality and drugs (usually in a sacred context). Sometimes these roads meet. though ideally it would be best followed the confluence of asceticism sex. Generally in eager pursuit of otherness, optimal for combining drugs with sex. The psychedelic; T. McKenna, said to go to the grave without having a psychedelic experience was like dying without ever having had sex , or in other words without realizing what this game really is . Under this wording the question inevitably arises why not do both at the same time?

It is known that sex can be a drug and it is true that sometimes drugs can be like having sex with yourself (or the universe)... I do not recommend using drugs to accentuate, get or manipulate a sexual experience. Obviously sexual ENSI same event should be exciting enough; as they say among the esoteric traditions in human intercourse can access the same energy that created the universe. Before attempting a chemical stimulation is encouraged to try the ancient techniques of ecstasy, as the tantric and yoga, or perhaps for the more adventurous sexual magic, secret societies of the West.

We do not include substances that allow a person to force or compel through another person a chemical contraption, to have a sexual relationship between this substance are some barbiturates, called "ruffles", tolerance and although with questionable results, combined.

Of course I dosed someone some ecstasy or mandrake , for example, you could manipulate in favour of " dealer" sex , however these substances may also be used with awareness and desire for sexual hyperesthesia and is in this sense funny we do is deeply research on the uses and customs of postmodernism in search of ecstasy.


The relationship between cocaine and sex is extensive because cocaine is used as a " drug " nightlife, bars, clubs, giver of "status", and even as a form of sexual blackmail in certain underground circles. Being very addictive, cocaine can sometimes cause people to become addicted to people who can provide this substance.

Cocaine generally increases confidence and a little illusion, creates the feeling of physical and mental vitality. Therefore the "parakeet" estop 10 drugs for sex ! Used many times to flirt. Moreover cocaine sleeping areas of the body where it is applied by which sometimes leads to having hard, rough sex, the stereotype of a wild night. It is easy to carry to bed as a sex toy and inhale lines of cocaine body curves.

Ph. K. Dick wrote in "A Scanner Darkly" that cocaine makes women want to have sex, but men cannot. Men who do get an erection on cocaine usually tend to last longer, but sometimes fail to reaching orgasm dark areas of frustration and / or sado-masochism.

One of the dangers of having sex after inhaling cocaine is that if things get a little stronger, they may suffer from cardiac arrest: dying in the arms of The White Lady.
"It makes me lose control, it makes me go insane, I want a girl that does cocaine", Nirvana.

9. Candy flips (LSD / MDMA):

The candy flip, combining ecstasy with LSD is a psychedelic cocktail popular in raves, among young peoples who wanted the power of psychedelic LSD and MDMA empathy and sociability. LSD can only be difficult to master for intimate contact, often people who take this substance do not want to be touched and addressed freak train, but at the same time feel a great energy, intense ardour a Kundalini ("corporeal energy") power. MDMA, ecstasy before being named as street marketing, it would be called "empathy" closer as their effects on serotonin and its ability to connect with the feelings of other person’s name. Even used by marital therapists, as a trigger of the famous "make -up sex." In this relationship puts the fire and tenderness LSD MDMA.

Timothy Leary’s mistress visited him in jail and tells us about erotic power of LSD: the foot of one of the gurus of flower power under the table looking for the vortex dressed as an intern dimensional doorway. Promises of eternal love in between a radiation shooting star!  "Under the table our feet touching, sometimes the guards allowed this type of game. I felt the passion of her foot up my dress up and break me like we're in a profuse bed together. Orgasm through my body, my eyes felt pleasure, like a cat meowing in ecstasy. Tim's eyes were tied to mine. We were traveling on a moonbeam shining on a spider web. There was no prison."
Leary himself wrote about the sexual alchemy: "The best results come when you catch someone you really love on an acid trip. That's when the nervous system is more open, less conditioned and ready for a new implant."

The candy flip is not a combo for casual sex, sex functions to the cosmic, looking to connect emotionally and spiritually, and feel the ecstasy unfold between Star tissues connecting the bodies. Especially for a couple but just know that you know that your connection is much earlier, perhaps the first emanation from the Galactic Butterfly.

Some people prefer the hippie -flip, the combination of mushrooms ecstasy but LSD and MDMA are two chemicals with a closer morphogenetic field, a library of more akin information. In any case it would be advisable to combine the MDMA (or use 2 -CB 's) with mescaline, substances more closely, both phenethylamines, and always part of the magic benzene rings.


One substance "aphrodisiac" most used in the history of mankind, with an inextricable relationship to Western witchcraft, this narcotic is an elegant and subtle lure of sex. It is even mentioned in this modus operandi Bible. Its root is shaped like a penis, popularly said that when he hanged a man, he ejaculated, and where fell the semen growing this plant, which had to be cut with magic preparation. (It´s true that when a man is hanged produces an erection). Much of the power of this plant lies in its symbolic metamorphosis into a man, on the understanding that its shape is a magical object in the mind who knows how to use it. Play is evident that man can become consumed dragon manipulating their corporeal energy.

Mandrake contains scopolamine alkaloids and belongs to the tropane ring, like the Datura/Thorn apple (Jimson weed), belladonna and cocaine interestingly (again wisdom: coca is "the devil's dandruff", Thorn apple is " the devil's weed "). This plant, along with belladonna is still used in modern pagan ceremony (such as Wicca) in solar or lunar rituals sex.


This substance (nitrite anile) popularized in the 80s by the gay culture and commonly sold in sex shops, is a vasodilator, thus serves as a relaxant anal and vaginal muscles. Prolonged use can cause loss of erection, but an application can produce accurate wisely. Also, when inhaled produces instantaneous and ephemeral euphoria, which is perfectly synchronized with the moment of orgasm.

Some couples seasoned instead of inhaling poppers , among the favourite brands are the Liquid Gold and Purple Haze- let the substance distils slowly creating an effect that can rhythmically encapsulated splice heat penetration. Poppers -saunas, spasms modulated by loss of consciousness.

The popper, a substance that produces a rush instantaneous, it is also used by some paratroopers when they jumped or clubbers looking to feel the eternity of the moment combining their pills with popper.


The Special K, a controlled substance used as anaesthesia for animals, is a dissociative that was first popularized by Doctor John Lily in his experiments in isolation tanks deprogramming human bio computer and its dolphin telepathy experiment. Ketamine has recently become very popular as an underground invited to bed, particularly led by peoples in cosmopolitan cities like London, New York, Barcelona or Buenos Aires. The keta, or k-space, greatly relaxes so it can prepare the "mood" for sex but inhibits the ability to carry blood to the penis making erection very difficult to pinpoint support (probably more than cocaine or MDMA although there versions found).

Therefore it is better used for sex in a previous flirtation and men. Ketamine and its characteristic "k -holes", has been associated with near-death experiences, total decoupling, a tunnel of light or darkness. Some people under ketamine feel they have supernatural powers, levitating or unfold your body. This astral evolution can happen during sex with a characteristic image of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the ghost that sees he is having sex before reincarnating. Interestingly Freud called orgasm "la petit mort", this is the aspect of the relationship between ketamine and sex climax implosion entering the infinite within itself.


Gamma- hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), or GHB occurs naturally in small quantities in the nervous system cells of all mammals. This recently popularized in the electronic scene substance has been sold as an aphrodisiac even in the medical literature, according to Doctor Laborit: "A last point should still be mentioned: the [GHB] action on Man Which could be called: Aphrodisiac. We cannot present any Animal experiments on this subject. However, the oral form has now sufficiently It Been So THAT used, as Generally Agreed, subsist no doubt as to its existence."

Not only aphrodisiacal but this substance ingested in excess can be considered a drug violation (" date- rape- drug"); sometimes secretly administered in bars and clubs for people with dark intentions. However, among couples who seek to stir sexual intercourse, GHB is certainly one of the favourite substances. Women report an expansion of her orgasm; but at higher doses this becomes more difficult. As always, but particularly with GHB, it is important to measure the dose.

One benefit of GHB is which produces a feeling of disinhibition, but unlike other substance does not impede performance. This substance is used a lot by exotic dancers and bodybuilders.
A study during an outbreak of syphilis showed that 61 % of infected homosexual men reported using the drug GHB alleging that allowed them to forget their inhibitions when they had sex with strangers, allowing them to enjoy carefree a large number of sexual partners.

Oxytocin - Oxytocin, known as the "love hormone" mammalian is a hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter, is produced especially in childbirth, and after orgasm, as a binding wake. In women is also generated to hold suck her nipples; Men also receive a discharge after sex, but it seems a bit low testosterone effects.

The idea that love is like a drug and only a matter of chemistry, is based on the substance. Therefore some companies have begun to manufacture it, especially spray and some people take it to "connect emotionally with each other" and radiate this kind of love lotion. There are even themed parties where diners consume this hormone. In reality they are nothing orgiastic; as opposed to wild sex cocaine - with - popper - with – Viagra - with GHB- with S & M or some other type of cocktail (also called: SLAM), sex with oxytocin is like vapour post orgasm gently embracing the whole act, a mist of tenderness harmonics, the sex of a couple who has long meeting.

Ecstasy or MDMA also stimulates brain oxytocin via serotonin receptors.


Obviously he had to be on this list cannabis, the most commonly used drug for "sexy time" on the planet (excluding alcohol obviously cannot climb this list.) However, rather than marijuana, hashish (also the best in charras and chillum) for their lineage from the Paradise orgies East, is the substance that is more relevant as a sexual enhancer. Generally people approach to cannabis for its sensory quality, the way things felt, hear the music; cannabis is a malleable substance used to better sex must be known.
Hashish, also called "chocolate", can be used as oil met stimulator. Smokers Moroccan sages make cute virgin run naked through the fields and smoke cannabis plants were pollen sticks to your body. Especially if you get to get some of the legendary Black hash/Alamut, the couple will be addressing a large cynical trip....
Perfectly used between couples who want to have a romantic evening, taking in drops! Mandrake especially fills man with an aura of mysterious power, a touch between Dionysian and gentleman. (It is said that women can take the female mandrake and obtain an equivalent effect.)
The Great Wizard of the West, A. Crowley said; among preferred mescaline, opium and other drugs, hashish as their intimate sexual agent, works great. Crowley looked at the sex contest of cosmic forces and orgasm a kind of divine lightning, or sentence; he could engage in communication with the astral world or express an intention. Describes the effect of hashish, A. Crowley:
"Well, then, let me see Whether by exalting myself mystically first and Continuing my invocations while the drug Dissolved the diamond matrix of my Soul, That diamond Might not manifest limpid and sparkling, a radiance 'not of the Sun, nor the Moon, nor the Stars, "and then, of course, I remembered this ceremonial intoxication That constitutes the supreme ritual of all religions."
Crowley even developed a technique called "Erotic-comatose-lucidity" (coma lucid-erotic). This ritual was based on repeated sexual stimulation without orgasm that leads the individual to an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness, as well as exhaustion, allowing the practitioner to commune with the divine. To promote this state were used substances like hashish and sometimes opium.

When man makes the ritual, all the semen (or elixir) produced by an orgasm should possibly be consumed through the famous Colours of Light, the secret furnace of the Great Beast.

Apparently the use of sacred hashish, sexual context, came to the West through the Templars, who later to marijuana plantations of George Washington would lead to the Illuminati and perhaps. The Templars contacted the club of Assassins. 

The creative writer of poetic terrorism, H. Bey says;
"The legend of the heavenly garden of Alamut where the hour is (maidens of heaven), chalice, wine and hashish were enjoyed by Murderers raw, could be generated from the popular memory of Yawm ad-Dīn. Or maybe it's literally true. Since consciousness on this world is none other than Paradise and its joys and pleasures are all permitted. The Quran describes paradise as a garden. It is very logical to become wealthy Alamut external reflection of the spiritual state of Yawm al-Qiyāmah ".

This seems to be the key to sexual ecstasy, the reflection of the sky, in the pleasure of creation. The slow and voluptuous trances of hashish bring us to dream of divinity in his harem.


FOXY (N, N-diisopropyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine) is part of the psychedelic royalty, the family of tryptamine content, including the most powerful psychedelic planet like 5MEO-DMT and DMT. This brand new addition has become a cult classic in the sexual underground, that not only seeks the ecstasy of the body but of the spirit and accompany the delicious sensuality of the physical form with fractals and mandalas of alternate dimensions of reality.
One can see the flower of life in sex, a galactic orchid calling or magnetically transparent skin of stars.

A friend told me ones, a Foxy sexual experience:
"Foxy makes me feel super strong and fast, like Bruce Lee. Once I was fucking with Tom. It was long and intense, and he came for what seemed like 20 minutes. Later he told a friend: my orgasm needed its own zip code."

E. Bruce writes about sex at Foxy:
"After finally we managed to rise, my jade stalk your florid form (the erect penis), sex was unusually loaded and visual. I could just keep a low climax very easily and manage to get the instinct of a very powerful way.
"After orgasm I felt incredibly ornate, contrary to my typical post-orgasmic stupor. I jumped out of bed and started to make dinner dancing to the music. "

The blog Raramour few years ago described the effect of Foxy with: "Entice him who consumes dreams passages enjoy a childish pleasure, dream tours holding hands yourself."

Playboy asked the designer maximum psychedelic substances known to mankind, Alexander Shulgin. Playboy: Days after foxy you invented, you had sex on it. Was it good?
Shulgin: At low doses it Greatly Enhances my orgasm intensity...

A pretty bold user made ​​what appears to be the grail saint psychedelic eroticism. After consuming LSD, while his boyfriend entered him in the missionary position, smoked a little 5-MeO-DMT, the most powerful, impossible to be used by man during sex and psychedelic planet that produces a detachment is probably in the interruption of the act (although maybe it could be used in another position, in a silent slumbers penetration in the lotus of eternity).

Returning to reality his boyfriend told him he had left as a corpse as he entered him. People who smoke 5-MeO-DMT, the effect only lasts a few minutes, often perceive the birth of the universe, the Big Bang, the Aleph in its creation / annihilation radiation as in both sword and cutting head.


This combo pro sexual known on the circuit as hedonistic dilettante "séxtasis" (sex ecstasy) and probably the most effective cocktail, ensuring an epic performance in men (women can try analogously bremelanotide flibanserin or MDMA, but to date the grail of "female Viagra" has not yet been discovered). We will tell you a secret: in these after parties with Russian supermodels invite you to where ever the substance of the house is MDMA mixed with Viagra, they both have the side effect of seeing blue, sometimes a vague glimpse of a reality LUZAZUL or inclusion stained like that orgiastic goddess of the Smurfs.

The combination is obviously that one part MDMA, ecstasy is actually encapsulated empathy, is the substance that allows you to connect more easily with another person, also called the love drug, and traveling in touch texture in infinite body, this substance makes the erection. Ergo,  Viagra, MDMA also retards time spasm.
For long sessions of sex, especially with more than one person at a time in mansions with pools and a little more playful immortal god Pan, the faun who runs to the lost in the woods with an erect penis and his mighty hissing princesses whistle.

Needless to say that this combination, in ecstasy runaway train in the heart, is quite dangerous and there are few deaths it has caused. Recently groom Argentina model Liz Solari (pictured to the fire) seems to have died after taking Faust / infamous cocktail. At least so death is not dying as extending Holy orgasmic waves. Although probably avoid crossing the heavy door guardian Anubis jackal in samsara iterated meat and false light.

Some of the most experienced members who have begun to combine with mephedrone Viagra, the recently popular drug known as "meow-meow". They say mephedrone exceeds the MDA as MDM or sexual partner. However, this use is not widespread enough to speak categorically of this couple so close to the top.

                                                              1. IBOGAINE

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the Apocynaceae family such as Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana and Tabernaemontana undulata. A psychedelic with dissociative properties, the substance is banned in some countries; in other countries it is used by proponents of psychedelic therapy to treat addiction to methadone, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, anabolic steroids, and other drugs. Ibogaine is also used to treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Derivatives of ibogaine that lack the substance's psychedelic properties are under development.
The substance of the heart of Africa, according to T. McKenna is the only true aphrodisiac that exists on the planet. It is also a powerful hallucinogen with healing properties sometimes compared to Ayahuasca (also commonly called yagé, is a psychedelic brew of various plant infusions prepared with the Banisteriopsis caapi ivine).
The iboga originally seems to have been used in hunting magic to relieve fatigue. Some African sorcerers use iboga to practice magic technique that produces orgasms distance as the Merovingian in The Matrix.
Some people have reported that the iboga helps conceive sexuality as something totally natural and fun ways to express as part of a cosmic game. The iboga is dance on the night of the polarity , the two flames are called to melt into ecstasy, as Panthers copulating in the moonlight pouring wine in their sweat, crouching fierce and mystically. Tabernanthe plant also gives the person who takes a special rhythm, pulse the Motherland, which may include, in the case of a man, to penetrate the great cosmic vagina and in the case of a woman to receive the solar phallus.

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