Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fisting: A General Introduction - part I

Because I can only discuss fisting from the anal point of view, I will have to find someone to help me out and will tell about fisting from the vaginal point of view.
(So if someone in your circle of friends who is straight and likes fisting too. Please let her or him get in contact with me. Stop laughing there are more straight people than you think who loves this too)

So I will tell you about the things i learned in the 30 years that I practice fisting.
I enjoyed this fetish so much that it became actually my second life... :-))
Or like some say "I am a fist addicted"...

Yes, 30 years! I was young when I discovered Fisting for the first time but from the moment I saw it done to someone I couldn´t get my mind away from it. Why? Because already active sexually very young it was the first time that I saw a guy with an expression on his face of joy, pleasure, being in heaven and a smile ...wooff.  Still when I think about that first moment I’m getting warm inside.....
The person who was fisting looked at me and asked if I liked what I saw?
My answer: "can´t you see that on my face".
He asked me if i wanted to learn all about it and before he finished his question I was knotting YES, YES. So they gave me a 3 day lesson... 3 days of total pleasure.
They told me about the techniques, preparation - all types of equipment preparing before completing the act an how much is enough in cleaning or using and when to stop in playing?
Lubrications what to use for what and the effect of...
Safe Sex (lube, contamination, gloves, hands & preparation fingernails, calluses, proper disposal of materials and the clean-up)
Mood, enhancements, drugs, alcohol, poppers etc. etc.
By the way I am NOT a fan of drugs and I wont encourage people to use it. I prefer that you won’t use it.
It is so much more pleasure without and you will enjoy it 100 times more without. 
Either through it is a longer process to reach the goal.
But I will try to tell the effects of it, because I know it is well used in our community or better said sometimes (more & more) miss-used. (So for your own safety I will explain it, because it is enemy Nº 1, if it is used wrong for those who like fisting)

So after 3 days being in heaven and going back home I felt like a man, a man who good give pleasure to others. Giving the highest climax in pleasure. Beside the above I learned also that fisting is more than only putting a hand in someone’s ass, it is the whole game incl. rimming, eating the rose-bud, fucking -especially after fisting- and wet sex. Okay the last goes very good together with fist but not always a must, depends on the guy and yourself.

When I came out of the closet i found very quick my way in the gay community even we did not have internet on that time, the first 2 years I was looking what I was looking for and then I found out about the Leather scene, one of the community´s in the gay world. Real man who like man.
Putting on a leather jacket and went to the capital of the gay world: Amsterdam ,
to the Argos  one of the dutch oldest leather bars. When I entered the first time, “wooouuww”, I don´t say it was a shock but it was a world that only happened up so far in my mind, suddenly it was there in front of me.
Because I did not know what to do or behave, I took up an attitude as the one of the Active guy. Whenever someone approached to me and wanted more I looked around and did the same.... and yes with every moment I was learning very fast.
But with fisting I was happy that someone teached/learned me how and what to do, also here I was only interested in the active way of fist. Years later (8 years later) when I found "the" good connection with a guy the fisted me too. Finally I learned besides doing it also how it felt to be fisted. In totally I have been fisted 5 times and I really enjoyed it 2 times, not because the others didn´t know what they were doing but because with that guy I had that special connection. For me it was enough, I’m not passive. I don´t enjoy any kind of penetration like fucking, fisting or toys. Being active suits me fine.

For the passive side of fisting I will relay on my boyfriend, who is like me is addicted to this fetish and has doing it for 10 years now. Together we hope that you will in time have the same feeling as us in enjoying the game....

Common sense tells us that any good fisting scene has to be preceded by thoughtful preparation. One of the MOST important processes is the Act. BUT, before you begin there are several things you should do first. Here, again, we're speaking from a personal view (this works best for us point of view). However, most fisters I know will tell you or agreed with it that we all prepared in basically the same manner with minor variations to suit ourselves. Careful planning ahead will make for an easier "clean-out" and provide longer "staying" in power.

Food or Diet is your first consideration. Foods that move rapidly through the digestive system should be avoided. Foods that take longer to digest, such as rare beef, chicken, lasagna, are highly recommended. (Personally I find that a pizza does great as the combination of meat, cheese and dough or spaghetti bolognaise will plug my system for about 36 hours.) Foods to be avoided are veggies, fruits, soups and heavy sweets. Eating about 3 hours prior to the play is also recommended as this allows your digestive system time to start moving the food from your stomach into the intestinal tract for "blocking".
DO NOT attempt a play immediately after eating. You wouldn't go swimming so don't do fist. You MUST allow the body to prepare.
Do not drink relaxation drinks or those drinks that do it to your body system like these beers: Geuze, Kriek, Duvel or any other drink made with aged Hops, 3 hours before playing.
(Once in my bar I gave a guy Geuze to drink because he wanted to taste Belgium beers, he drunk 3 but did not say he was into fisting, a couple of hours later you wouldn't have liked to see my darkroom and the guy who was playing with him.)

One of the most origanal ways i ever saw to put out your
Hanky Code...

Blank Hanky, Bottom Right
Body art/performance

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Answers on questions.....

I know the ass is sensitive, but how many nerve endings are there in the ass?
Is it the same in guys and girls?
and are the “good feeling nerves” located in the sphincter or the rectum?

The anus - the anal opening, the anal canal - the first few centimeters inside, and the rectum are all sensitive in different ways, which is why anal stimulation and penatration can be so pleasurable. The external and internal sphincter muscles surround the anal opening. These muscles can work together or independently of each other, and these are the muscles we must learn to relax in order to fulfill comfortable anal penetration.

When we talk about the sphincter and pelvic muscles and how they play a role in anal pleasure, we discuss them less in terms of sensitivity and more in terms of how tone and in shape they are and how tense or relaxed they are. The anus and the outside part of the anal canal are made of the same sensitive soft tissue and this tissue contains the most concentration of nerve endings of all our anal anatomy. In general, this tissue tends to be more sensitive to touch and vibration. The inner part of the anal canal and the rectum are mucous membrane and have a lot less nerve endings; however this tissue is much more sensitive to pressure - like from penetration.

Man and women have nearly identical anorectal anatomy except for one important difference: men have a prostate gland, which can be stimulated directly via anal penetration. The prostate gland surrounds part of a man’s urethra; it’s behind the pubic bone, below the bladder and above the base of the penis. A mass of muscle, glands, and connective tissue, the prostate is about the size and shape of a walnut; it produces ejaculatory fluid that combines with sperm and fluid from the seminal vesicles to create male ejaculate. Men can experience direct prostate stimulation when they are anally penetrated. It can be found by sliding a finger or toy some centimeters inside a man’s ass and aiming toward the front of his body.

While women don’t have a prostate, but they do have a G-spot and can experience indirect of the G-spot stimulation through anal penetration. The G-spot is the urethral sponge which sits around the urethra; to find it, slip a finger inside her vagina a couple of centimeters and toward the front of her body. The G-spot can be stimulated through the front wall of the vagina or indirectly though anal sex.

With special thanks to my doctor for the kind explanation...

Codes & Signs...

Before we go further let me explain you the codes & signs that we use in this blog and in the real world. Those signs you can find frequently on the web pages with dating services.    
In our world or better said in the world of Gay Fetish fantasies, so also the Fist community uses a lot of codes and signs.
First let's talk about what we like as a person, active or passive and also versatile.
Top or bottom?
In general we know what we like in our sexual behavior or we know to what we are attracted. If not let me help You:

Active/Top: a person who we call active or top is a person who likes to do things in a dominant way, to control.
An active guy can also be submissive but does not like penetrations in any kind of form.     
An active person wants to give in general he likes to fuck, fist etc.
or be the master of the game, the S in SM = Sado Masochism.

Passive/Bottom: a person who we call passive or bottom is a person who likes to get things done to him, to receive.
A passive guy can be active too but likes above all penetrations.  A passive person wants to receive in general he likes to get fucked fisted etc.  So being more the M in SM.

Versatile: is a person that likes both sides active/passive or some people say also that they do not know what they really want. (My personal experience is that 8 out of 10 versatile guys I met are passive.) But sometimes you walk up to one who really is….                          
Versatile guys you see on profiles on gay dating services as 50/50.
You also see profiles with 60 or 70% etc. in either direction, in general it means we like one side more than the other but we can switch.


FF = Fist Fucking (Hand Fucking)
double Fist = 2 Fist (Hands)
Fist boxing or Boxing = Punching with the hands
Deep or Elbow deep fisting
Wide fisting
FFun = Fist Fun
Feet Fucking or Feet fisting = Same as Fist but with the feet.

Hanky code signs…
The hanky code sign is an old system that was already used in the 18 century by Christian people in the far west, in that time the hanky’s were used in 3 colors white/yellow/orange to say: I want something – I am free or I am married but still want sex.
It was picked back up by the gay community in the 60’s / 70’s but with more colors and other meanings. I will explain the most common ones. Here we come back again to the active/top wearing the hanky on the left side, in general in the back pocket of his pants (Why left? Like in politics the left is in general more active), the passive/bottom is wearing the hanky on the right side. Versatile guys wear this in general around their neck.
For fisting it is the color RED.

                                                                                right:                          left:
  • RED               =    Fist                              Fist fucker                 Loves to get fisted
  • Dark RED     =    double Fist                 2 Hand fister             2 Hand fistee
  • Dark Bleu      =    Fucking                      Loves to Fuck            Loves to get fucked
  • Light Bleu      =    Sucking                      Wants head               Expert cocksucker
  • Yellow            =    Watersport/Piss         Pisser                         Piss freak
  • Grey               =    Bondage                     Bondage top              Bondage bottom
  • Orange           =   Anything                    Anything/anytime      Nothing  now
  • Brown            =    Scat                             Scat top                      Scat bottom
  • Army Green  =    Uniforms or drill       Militairy top              Militairy bottom

Those are the most famous ones... there are a lot more and i will put the whole list here one day.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Este blog...

Fisting es : un acto, un ambiente, preparación, control y comunicación con la pareja.
Espero que a través de la ayuda de mi blog se puede obtener información valiosa y aprender más acerca de este fetiche no importante si tu eres un principiante o un Fister o Fistee con experiencia.
Estoy abierto para preguntas y discusiones, así que siéntete libre para decirme su experiencia.
Las experiencias de un activo o de un pasivo son totalmente diferentes, pero hay que escuchar uno el otro.
Esta es una regla de oro ... 

NADA lo que escribo aquí o está escrito por otra persona que escribe en este blog debe ser interpretado que es el la única manera como hacer.
Cada uno tiene que decidir por él / ella mismo como es el mejor y lo más cómodo su mismo. Este blog pretende ser una guía y para generar una mente abierta, el intercambio positivo de flujo libre de ideas, información y experiencias.
Puedes escribir a mí en los siguientes idiomas: English, Castellano, Francais, Nederlands, Deutsch y Maygar. Todos los demás idiomas necesito tu ayuda,
así que siéntete libre de publicar en tu propio idioma.

Doy la bienvenida a todas las preguntas.
Si tú crees que el conocimiento disipa la ignorancia y el miedo y conduce a una mejor comprensión de tu mismo y de la gente alrededor de ti, ven, viaje con nosotros para explorar los placeres de FISTING.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Blog...

Fisting: is an act, an environment, preparatio, control and communication with your partner.
All those things we gona discuse in detail.
I hope that through the help of my blog you can get valuable information and learn more about this fetish whether you are a beginner or an experienced Fister or Fistee.
I'm open for questions and discussion, so feel free to tell me your experience.
The experience of a Top or Bottom are totaly different but you haveto listen to the other. 
This is a golden rule...

NOTHING I write here or is written by another person as a comment should be interpreted like that is the only way to go.
Everyone has to decide for him / herself what is the best and most comfortable. This blog is intended to be a guide and to generate an open minded, positive ambient to exchange ideas, information and experiences.
You can write to me in the following languages: (English, Castellano, Francais, Nederlands, Deutsch & Magyar)  In all the other languages I need your help,
so feel free to post in your own language.

I welcome all questions.
If you believe that knowledge dispels ignorance and fear and leads to a better understanding of yourself and the people around you, come, travel with us to explore the pleasures of Fisting.



I know the ass is sensitive, but how many nerve endings are there in the ass? 

Is it the same in guys and girls? 

And are the “good feeling nerves” located in the sphincter or the rectum?

Answers tomorrow....


Sé que el culo es sensible, pero ¿cuántos hay terminaciones nerviosas en el culo?

¿Es lo mismo en los chicos y chicas?

Y son los "buenos sentimientos" nervios localizados en el esfínter o el recto?

Respuestas mañana ....

What is fisting? 

By definition it is the insertion of the hand into the anal or vaginal openings of the body.
Why fisting? Why not? We, ALL, are constantly searching far higher and more fulfilling planes of sexual pleasure. But, we are not here for a discussion on the merits of fisting. Not yet at least.
First of all we have to understand the basics and acquaint ourselves with the preparations undertaken prior to the actual act, which, in themselves, can be extremely erotic and/or sexually satisfying.

I will not be the first to admit that fisting is probably the MOST dangerous form of sexual interaction.
But done with care the MOST erotic and satisfying form of sex...

The anal and urethra openings were created for the expulsion of feces and urine from the body. When you begin to explore this activity, you must have a basic understanding of how the body works, a working knowledge of the internal structure you are about to enter and possess the ability to control yourself in order to allow the process to proceed slowly, carefully and at a place where "the bottom" is comfortable with.

¿Qué es fisting? 

Por definición, es la introducción de la mano en las aberturas anal o vaginal del cuerpo.
¿Por qué el fisting? ¿Por qué no? Nosotros, todos, están en constante búsqueda mucho mayor y más satisfactoria planos de placer sexual. Sin embargo, no estamos aquí para una discusión sobre el fondo de fisting. Todavía no ha sido menos. En primer lugar tenemos que entender los conceptos básicos y familiarizarnos con los preparativos realizados antes del acto en sí, que, en sí mismos, pueden ser muy erótico y / o sexual satisfactoria.

No voy a ser el primero en admitir que el fisting es probablemente la forma más peligrosa de interacción sexual. Pero hacerse con cuidado la forma más erótico y satisfactoria de sexo ...

Las aberturas anales y la uretra fueron creados para la expulsión de las heces y la orina del cuerpo. Cuando usted comienza a explorar esta actividad, usted debe tener un conocimiento básico de cómo funciona el cuerpo, un conocimiento de la estructura interna que está a punto de entrar y poseer la capacidad de controlarse a sí mismo con el fin de permitir que el proceso se desarrolle lentamente, con cuidado y en un lugar donde "el passivo" se siente cómodo.

What are we talking about:

Fisting, handballing, fist-fucking, is asexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum. 
Once insertion is complete, the fingers either naturally clench into a fist or remain straight. In more vigorous forms of fisting, such as "punching" or "punchfisting", a fully clenched fist may be inserted and withdrawn slowly. Fisting may be performed with or without a partner.

¿De qué estamos hablando?
Fisting, handballing, fist-fucking, es un término inglés, es asexual actividad que consiste en insertar una mano en la vagina o el recto. Una vez que la inserción se completa, los dedos de forma natural apretar en un puño o permanecer recta. En las formas más vigorosas de fisting, tales como "fistiing" o "punchfisting", un puño completamente cerrado puede ser insertado y retirado lentamente. 
Fisting puede realizarse con o sin un compañero.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

All about FIST...

English - Francais - Nederlands - Deutsch - Castellano

Hi everyone,
this is my new Blog and like the tittle says everything you always wanted to know about fisting...
Techniques, medical advices, bottom or top we will try to answer all your questions.

My (profil)name is FFTop66 and I am practicing the art of Fist over 30 years and I get a lot of questions about it. Beside that I see more and more that at parties guys are doing things they do without thinking, just because it became a populair fetish the last years... and they want to be a part of it. Without any advice!

So I will try to make the best out if it...
Together with my Cub I will try to help you out in this fantasy or fetish ...
Top or Botttom you can ask us what ever you want.


Tout à propos de FIST

Salut tout le monde,
ceci est mon nouveau blog et comme le titre dit tout vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le fisting ...
Techniques, conseils médicaux, passive ou active, nous allons essayer de répondre à toutes vos questions.

Mon (profil) nom est FFTop66 et je pratique l'art de fist plus de 30 ans et je reçois beaucoup de questions à ce sujet. A côté de cela, je vois de plus en plus de gars que lors de fêtes font ce qu'ils font sans réfléchir, juste parce fist est devenu un fétiche populaire ces dernières années ... et ils veulent être une partie de celui-ci. Sans aucun conseil!

Donc, je vais essayer de vous aider ...
Avec mon Cub je vais essayer de vous aider dans ce fantasme ou fétiche ...
Active ou passive vous pouvez nous demander ce que vous voulez.


Alles over Fist

Hallo iedereen,
dit is mijn nieuwe blog en net als de tittel zegt alles wat je altijd al wilde weten over fisting ...
Technieken, medische adviezen, Top of Bottom we zullen proberen om al je vragen te beantwoorden.

Mijn (profil) naam is FFTop66 en ik beoefen de kunst van het Fisten meer dan 30 jaar en ik krijg veel vragen hierover. Daaraast zie ik meer en meer dat op feestjes er jongens zijn die dingen doen zonder na te denken wat ze doen, alleen maar omdat het een populair fetish is geworden de laatste jaren ... en ze willen erbij horen. Zonder enig advies!

Dus ik zal proberen met mijn ervaring er het beste van te maken ...
Samen met mijn Cub zal ik proberen om u te helpen in deze fantasie of fetish ...
Top of botttom je kunt ons vragen wat je maar wilt.


Rund ums Fisten...

Hallo allerseits,
Das ist mein neuer Blog und wie der Tittle schon verrät hier findet ihr alles,
was ihr schon immer über Fisting wissen wolltet...
Techniken, medizinische Ratschläge, egal ob Top oder Bottom, wir versuchen alle Fragen zu beantworten.

Meine Profilemame ist FFTop66 und ich übe die Kunst der Fisten über mehr als 30 Jahren, und ich bekomme eine Menge von Fragen zu diesem Thema. Außerdem merke ich, dass mehr und mehr Jungs und Männer fisten auf Parties, ohne das zu wissen was sie machen, nur weil in den letzten Jahren Fisting ein populairer Fetisch geworden ist...

Also werde ich versuchen, mein bestes zu geben, ob es zu machen ...
Zusammen mit meinem Cub werden wir versuchen Ihnen zu helfen in diesem Fantasy-oder Fetisch ...
Egal ob Top oder Bottom, Ihr könnt uns alles Fragen.


Todo sobre el Fisting

Hola a todos,
este es mi nuevo blog y como el título dice hablo sobre todo lo que siempre querias saber sobre el fisting ...
Técnicas, consejos médicos, no importa si eres activo o pasivo 
intentamos responder a todas preguntas.

Mi prefil es FFTop66 y estoy practicando el arte del Fisting hace más que 30 años y siempre recibo un montón de preguntas. 
Además veo cada vez más y más hombres fisteando en las fiestas, sin saber de verdad que hacen. 
Sólo porque el Fisting se convirtió en un fetiche populair en los últimos años...

Así que voy dar mis mejores consejos...
Junto con mi pareja vamos intentar ayudarle en esta fantasía o fetiche ...
Activo o passivo, nos puedes preguntar todo...