Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Der Latex-Schmiede...

Welcome to the Latex-Schmiede.
The Latex-Schmiede is a label for Rubber Wear in XS-S to customer's according to customer requirements.
Mario is making since some years beautiful Latex clothes and useful items...

Since short he also combined a Fist starter set:

For more info Latex-Schmiede

More items that he is making is like this wonderful Roll that helps you to get in a nice position:

This he can make in 3 sizes, the one on the photo is 50 cm x 20 cm for fisting,
there is also one in 15cm to fuck and a softer one 10 cm to support the neck....

For more info Latex-Schmiede

Saturday, February 20, 2016

INFO from the Club Losch team:

Wir freuen uns schon Euch bald in der zu neuen Location begrüssen dürfen F56.
Die neuen Complete folgen, sobald Umbauarbeiten abgeschlossen sind die.

Tiefer, Grosser, anders ..... Lasst Euch überraschen.

Club-Losch ehemaliges Euer Team /
Euer neues Team F56

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

We look forward to welcome you in the new location F56 soon!
The new dates / schedule will follow as soon as the re-construction jobs are completed.

Deeper, bigger, different ..... let us surprise you.

Your former club Losch Team /
Your new F56 Team

Red Hanky Handball & SocialParody

To Members and Visitors of Red Hanky ​​Handball

Without warning or notice, SocialParody, the hosting service for Red Hanky ​​Handball shut down and Disappeared. I worked hard to build community since 2009. With That heaviness of heart, I have to acknowledge all Has Been Lost With That social network. It served well and so many people Promoted our kink and provided needed information for novices and pro's alike. FlatIron Mike was a frequent participant ... all of His Contributions are now gone.
If you were a member of ExtremeFistMen Also, That site is gone too. The SocialParody URL has-been taken over by malware. Beware!
Fortunately, I Have Been Developing my own social media site hosted on my own server leased since December 2015. Though the site is not as complete as I would like it to be, it is functional and ready to accept visitors and new members. The new site, ButtSwap, has made a soft go-live, meaning STI available, but not fully developed enough to advertise. If you want, Please visit the site and create an account. Early members will benefit later as the site matures. The new site is rich in features Including instant messaging, chat rooms, classified ads, polls, photo albums, upload video, music playlists, polls, blogs, groups (including a new Fisting group), forums, and events. The site will Have a broader scope than any of my other sites, but will be read on content. If You have a business or Provide services, Please feel free to post your business in the calssifieds section. To get started, I would appreciate your membership Surely, Contributions and any feedback you can provide.

Travis Hollister