Monday, May 6, 2013

Can You Orgasm from Just Anal?

Question; send in by one of the readers of my blog.

So to answer this question I asked around by some of my bottom-friends, I´m a Top guy so if I want to answer this question probably I have to ask some of my bottom friends. I for myself already can get an orgasm spontaneously by fisting a guy.
So herreby the reactions of some of my friends:
  • I'm not gay, I'm bi but that's probably close enough far as the target audience for the question goes. Yes, it's perfectly possible to orgasm through anal sex / prostate stimulation alone. The orgasm produced is very different to that normally experienced, it being a whole-body type orgasm with an enormous head-rush that completely wipes me out and leaves me reeling, as opposed to the more common orgasm which really is just centered mainly on the genital area. It can be either ejaculatory, or less commonly none-ejaculatory, though both seem to feel pretty similar so not sure what's going on there?
  • My theory is that the dorsal nerve that serves the penis, the posterior scrotal nerves, and the perineal nerves all branch off of the pudendal nerve, the whole nerve bundle running across the prostate. Maybe the heightened orgasm is to do with the fact you're effectively stimulating the nerves serving all three erogenous zones, cock, balls and perineum simultaneously, whereas ordinarily you might only be stimulating one set or the other at any one time to produce orgasm.
  • I know in Tantra (which is the basis of the Kama sutra) their energetic explanation is that in men the prostate governs part of the root chakra where the kundalini is coiled. When it's stimulated, the kundalini energy uncoils and moves upward. The orgasm will send energy upward to the pineal gland along the energy pathway, which is why prostate orgasms feel so much more awakening. At the same time it's grounding because you're stimulating the root.
  • I find prostate orgasms way more satisfying than standard ones. If my partner gives me one of those, I won't feel as strong an urge to have sex for days and days after.
  •  Yes, you can!!! That's an easy question to answer.... You can also have a hand's free orgasm, an anal orgasm which a lot of people have never experienced. This orgasm is especially powerful & involves more of your pelvic muscles, your anal sphincter muscles contract & dilate much like a woman during her pelvic orgasm. Most men & women don't realise this type of climax exists. Once you've had one - you'll definitely want more.... Some say it's the Holy Grail of Fisting.... but, really it isn't. It's available to anyone - male or female - that's prepared to take a little time in stimulating their lover using their fingers, fist, buttplug, vibrator, etc. It's no different to achieving a vaginal orgasm.... which lots of women confess they never have... sadly, because they're not relaxed, their lovers are too selfish, a multitude of other problems that deny a true orgasm for their partner. Men, I'm sorry, are far too selfish to even worry about foreplay....(Edward E. FB friend)

  • Look, I have a video of me in which you clearly see how I have a orgasm with the anus. It is the best feeling that one can have, without touching... 9 minutes out of 30 minutes of fist punching and around the 20/24th minute I have an orgasm. (Sebastian G. FB friend)

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