Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Der Latex-Schmiede...

Welcome to the Latex-Schmiede.
The Latex-Schmiede is a label for Rubber Wear in XS-S to customer's according to customer requirements.
Mario is making since some years beautiful Latex clothes and useful items...

Since short he also combined a Fist starter set:

For more info Latex-Schmiede

More items that he is making is like this wonderful Roll that helps you to get in a nice position:

This he can make in 3 sizes, the one on the photo is 50 cm x 20 cm for fisting,
there is also one in 15cm to fuck and a softer one 10 cm to support the neck....

For more info Latex-Schmiede

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  1. Your should make a 700 MM and also a wedge shape, Waht is current price?